About Us

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30 Years of Experience

Spray Booths NW is that little company success story that many of you have heard about over the years. When we first started out we used to pull a little trailer around the west coast doing various sales and installation projects. Through hard work and a superior knowledge of the various finishing solutions our services grew in demand. Eventually our volume of business got to the point where we could no longer do our own installation work so we had to restructure and build a network of trusted assembly crews to handle the growing business. Establishing this network has allowed us to continue providing a high level of service to all the new customers.

What was once a five state business has now gone global. Even though our service area has grown we have not forgotten what has helped us get to this level and that is customer service.

Give us a call and you will experience firsthand why Spray Booths Northwest is quickly becoming the gold standard for all finishing solution purchases.